Artistic Handmade Clothing for Women by Shernett Swaby


If you're looking for a new wardrobe, you've probably come across Shernett Swaby. A small boutique in a downtown New York City neighborhood, Shernett is an excellent place to start your search. Check out our Chicago black-owned business – Shernett Swaby The company offers clothing for every season and every occasion, and their unique, handcrafted pieces will have you feeling fantastic in no time. They're also known for their extensive tailoring capabilities. Whether you need a custom fit or a simple alterations, you're sure to find the right fit with a Shernett Swaby appointment.

BeMo Hats

BeMo Hats is a company that creates unique crochet hats for all occasions. Becky Mocarski started selling her creations last February and quickly grew her following. The hats feature vintage pins and earrings, recycled fabrics, and even leather. These handmade creations are made from recycled materials like jeans and sweaters. This means they are eco-friendly. The designs are also reminiscent of nature and architecture.

Shernett Swaby started out as an eight-year-old girl who used to sew clothes for her dolls. This has evolved into a bespoke local fashion designer in Chicago. In fact, Swaby started off with her own line of underwear and used the profits to expand her business to a women's clothing line. In 2009, she opened her first boutique in Toronto, Canada, and a second in Chicago.

Gudrun & Gudrun

Lauren Fern attended Giorgio Armani's autobiography release party in a gorgeous Gudrun & Gunder dress, handmade by women in Jordan and Peru. This Faroese label supports women empowerment projects in Peru and Jordan. Fern writes about womenswear for Chicago Chic. She views fashion as an analytical art form and believes that what matters most is what you feel comfortable in.

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Founded in 2005, Chicago-based designer Shernett Swaby has garnered a following with her affordable, unique fashions. Swaby's designs have been featured in magazines and on television, and she is a Top 5 finalist on Project Runway Canada. Shernett is a renowned advocate of ethically produced, handcrafted clothing. In fact, she is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

As a busy female boss, Swaby understands the importance of fit and style. Shernett's designs make it easy to feel great while wearing a stylish and comfortable wardrobe. Her customers can rest assured that their outfits will fit them perfectly. Her free alteration service is an added bonus. Swaby's production team is available to take back any garment for repair or alteration, no matter its condition or size.

Grasshopper 510

If you are looking for unique clothing pieces for women, you might want to try the handmade clothes from Shernett Swaby. Her designs are inspired by avant-garde design and architectural aesthetic. Most of her pieces are made by hand, and she is also a supporter of the movement to create more environmentally friendly clothing. You can find her pieces at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing.

Shernett Swaby makes clothes that fit and flatter women's bodies. Her West Town boutique and River North boutique are staffed by experts who are willing to give you personalized closet consultations and alter garments to fit your shape and size. Moreover, you can get her clothes altered for free. Swaby believes in the beauty of every woman and would do her best to help her customers achieve this.

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The bespoke local Chicago fashion designer Shernett Swaby started sewing clothes for dolls when she was eight years old. From there, she expanded her skills by creating a line of underwear for women and men. The money she earned from her underwear collection went towards the creation of her women's clothing collection. In 2009, she opened her first boutique in Toronto, Canada, and in October of that year, her store opened in Chicago.

Shernett has won numerous awards and has her work featured in many magazines and on television. Her work has even made her a Top 5 finalist on Project Runway Canada. Shernett's goal is to bring women unique styles and individuality into the fashion industry. Using only natural materials, Shernett ensures each garment is unique. She also teaches customers how to shop smarter and find their perfect fit.

Shernett Swaby

Shernett Swaby is a Toronto-based fashion designer who has garnered fans from New York to Chicago and beyond. Her avant-garde designs and architectural aesthetic make for an eye-catching fashion statement. Swaby makes most of her clothing by hand, and she supports the movement of environmentally friendly clothing. Here are some of her favorite pieces. Let's take a closer look at the creative process behind Shernett's work.

Black-owned businesses in Chicago opened in 2009. It caters to fashion-forward and creative individuals who want to dress for their body type and individual style. The Chicago store is eco-friendly and efficient, so visitors can save money while shopping. The prices are also reasonable. Purchasing a Shernett Swaby garment is a great option for any woman who appreciates originality. Moreover, this clothing is guaranteed to last for years.