How Do You Clean & Organize a Hoarder’s House?

research by the staff of Javis Dumpster Rental

If you want to know how to clean and organize a hoarder's house, here are some tips: identify the underlying causes of the disorder, declutter the home, and hire a professional organizer. The first step in cleaning and organizing a hoarder's home is to ask yourself if the clothes you're removing are truly wearable. It can help to have a neutral support person with you when making this decision.

Identifying the underlying causes of hoarding

First, hoarding is a mental disorder involving compulsive collecting and disposophobia. While hoarders may find pleasure in their accumulated items, it can be difficult to let go of them once the clutter begins to overwhelm their lives. As their mental state worsens, they lose control of their decisions, resulting in extreme depression and total squalor. Eventually, their lives will become so out of control that they will feel ashamed and embarrassed to let others into their homes.

The underlying cause of hoarding disorder is not always easy to determine, but several factors may combine to trigger this type of behavior. While there are a number of environmental factors that trigger hoarding behavior, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are often associated with hoarding. In addition, trauma and loss may be co-occurring conditions that cause hoarding. Once the underlying causes of hoarding are identified, it is possible to intervene to prevent further damage.

Decluttering a hoarder's house

When you're working to declutter a hoarder's home, you'll have to consider a few factors. First, don't expect the hoarder to give up anything, as this may trigger anxiety. Secondly, hoarders tend to keep the same piles of items for decades. They find it difficult to make decisions. Regardless of the reason for their hoarding disorder, you'll have to be patient.

To start off, decluttering should be fun. The hoarder needs a clean, safe place to live. You don't want to overwhelm them by decluttering their entire home in one sitting. Keep in mind that the hoarder may feel uncomfortable decluttering in business attire. It's also important to start decluttering in the least sentimental area first. Once you have a clear sense of what needs to go, begin sorting the piles of clothes and other objects.

Having a designated spot for everything in a hoarder's house

The first step to clearing a hoarder's home involves identifying a designated room or space. Many hoarders have rubbish piling up from floor to ceiling in hallways or upstairs landings. It may be wise to start with a room where the hoarder feels more comfortable as there is less junk and the task will be easier. If the hoarder has decided to keep everything, it will be necessary to devise rules about trash disposal.

Using a professional organizer

Hiring a professional organizer to clean and organize crowded houses can be a beneficial service for homeowners who are overwhelmed by the mess. Besides offering friendly guidance and another pair of hands, organizers are trained to work with people who suffer from hoarding disorders. While most organizers work across different areas, some specialize in certain areas, such as downsizing seniors, scanning photos, and assisting hoarders.

Some of the services offered by professional organizers include learning organizing skills and setting up regular routines. These services may include sorting mail and bills and establishing storage boxes and file folders. Organizing paper may also be done through the use of systems. A professional organizer can help the client sort items based on their categories. The professional organizer can also assist the client in filing papers.

Deep cleaning a hoarder's house

The process of deep cleaning a hoarder's house should begin by disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces and objects. Then move on to the walls, windows, furniture, and appliances. You must disinfect and clean all the items, including upholstered furniture. You should also clean appliances and organize useful items. You should also clean any accumulated dirt and bacteria. This process can take a couple of weeks.

A deep cleaning of a hoarder's house is similar to a scavenger hunt, but it's not exactly fun. Besides, you may come across some valuable objects. After all, the hoarder has a severe anxiety disorder, which makes it difficult to assess the true value of their possessions. The hoarder also doesn't know how to live a normal life.