The Top 2 Post Car Lifts in Mechanic Superstore


Mechanics and other professionals use these tools to service their vehicles. But the choice isn't easy. You'll need a car lift with the right safety features. Check out our 2 post car lifts – Mechanic Superstore. Here are the top picks: the XK 10000-pound two-post auto lift, the Launch Tech USA TLT211-AS-R, and the Mayflower Blacksmith MX-300.

XK 10000-pound two-post auto lift

The XK USA L 1000 10 000 LBS Two Post Auto Lift 12 Month Warranty ships to Jordan and many other countries worldwide. If you are looking for a lift that is convenient for home or office use, this two-post model is the perfect choice. Its heavy-duty components, including its self-lubricating nylon slider, provide smooth, fast movement up and down. It also features rubber door guards to protect the body of the vehicle.

This asymmetric two-post auto lift is ideal for narrow or wide installation. Its triple locking telescoping support arm is especially helpful for two-door vehicles. The asymmetric design rotates posts to the rear to maximize door opening clearance and protect the roof. This lift is available with adjustable heights of 114-1/4 inches. Its low profile design also prevents dings and dents to the doors.

Triumph NT9FP

The Triumph NT9FP is a two-post version of the popular NSS-8SQ four-post car lift. This model has two and three stage lifting arms, symmetrical and asymmetrical lifts, and 72-inch clearance underneath. The NT9FP has two-stage arms and comes with floor anchors and truck adapters. The unit has a 9,000-pound lifting capacity.

The Triumph NT9FP is an advanced two-post lift that features a floor plate in the middle, making it easy to move larger vehicles. This lift is built to withstand an 11000-pound load. It also has a powder coat finish that provides added strength and anti-corrosion properties. The lift is made to withstand a variety of conditions, from rough terrain to extreme temperatures. The Triumph NT9FP is designed to provide you with years of dependable service.

Launch Tech USA TLT211-AS-R

The TLT211-AS 2-post car lift is a great buy for any automotive facility. This professional-grade lift is a clear floor asymmetric design with a 4.3-inch pad height. It features a six-inch adjustable column height and a single point lock release for safety and ease of use. It also includes everything you need to lift your vehicle to a high level.

The TLT211-AS-R offers the highest level of security. The two-post design will not damage the underbody of the vehicle and the two-post construction will protect it from damaging the door. This Lift is designed for a variety of lifting tasks and will meet most garage requirements. It comes with a two-year warranty. It's perfect for the garage that doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a new lift every few years.

Mayflower Blacksmith

If you own a garage, you need to have the right tools for the job. Two-post car lifts are a must for a mechanic's workshop. The Mayflower Blacksmith 2 post car lift has a maximum height of 79 inches and a weight capacity of 10000 pounds. Its heavy-duty construction is ideal for a garage with a low ceiling. The posts are protected from corrosion and are covered with blue powder-coated steel.

If you're looking for a portable lift, you can opt for the BendPak car lift. This portable jack is easy to use and fits in the trunk of a car. It also works as a lifting jack and is portable for ease of transportation. Its 110-volt motor allows you to easily raise the vehicle. The BendPak car lift has an easy-to-use interface and is safe to use.


When you are looking for a 2 post car lift, there are a few key features you should look for. The BendPak XPR-10S-168 offers added height for greater convenience and future-proofing for your business. Its high-quality design and gouge and tear-resistant pads reduce operating costs. And it's easy to move automotive equipment under the elevated vehicle.

This lift features a high-durometer, mechanically-loaded rod seals and urethane rod wipers to provide total exclusion protection. In addition to these features, BendPak lifts come with detailed installation instructions, maintenance and safety decals, and a vehicle lifting point guide. However, these car lifts are not certified by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006, so make sure you know what these standards are.